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2012-2014: founding and exploring
2015-2016: High-tech recognition, Government empowerment
2017-2018: Growing and thriving
2019-2021: Take advantage of the Bio-trend
Keep the original intention, forge ahead, and start again



Bontac Bio-Engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established


Won the

Received financial funding from Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Program.


The world's first whole-enzyme catalysis technology production line for cofactors was established, and the world's first production of kilogram and ton of NMN materials

In cooperation with Harvard Medical School and Professor David Sinclair, Bontac has provided NMN raw materials for his anti-aging experiments, then  successfully published the research results in "CELL" magazine.


Recognized as a high-tech enterprise in China

Established the first green biosynthesis research institute in China


Bontac project of



Build a thousand-ton enzyme production base.


Approved to set up the first coenzyme engineering technology research center in China

Won the Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award.


Sales volume exceeded 100 million yuan

Market share of NMN raw materials exceeds 60%


The 3rd generation whole-enzyme catalysis technology has been implemented, and the production capacity has exceeded 100 tons

Serve more than 1,000 customers around the world.


Won the title of Shenzhen

Won the title of "Top 100 Innovative Enterprises in Shenzhen"
The world's first production of NMN-H material


Qifu Capital completes the acquisition and reorganization of Bontac

Recognized as the “synthetic biology enterprises” in Shenzhen, and moved to the Synthetic Biology Industrial Park of Guangming Science City. Received 10 million special funds for green bio-manufacturing from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The 200-ton NMN production project of Bontac and Angel Yeast was launched. Bontac- Fuyang natural product super factory project started in Anhui province.