Breaking News: BONTAC NMN Achieves Self-Affirmed GRAS Certification

Breaking News: BONTAC NMN Achieves Self-Affirmed GRAS Certification


On May 16th, BONTAC NMN products officially pass the authentication of self-affrimed GRAS (SELF GRAS), signifying that BONTAC R&D strength and the quality of NMN raw materials have once again been highly recognized internationally, which is a milestone in dietary safety assurance.


GRAS refers to “Generally Recognized as Safe”. SELF GRAS is a system in which qualified toxicology experts in the U.S. objectively evaluate whether a substance is safe to be applied in foods under the conditions of its intended use according to the standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The concept of GRAS for food additives was first introduced in the Food Additives Amendment Act of 1958. Since then, all additives have been evaluated according to the new standards.


After rigorous evaluation and review, the experts unanimously agreed that BONTAC's NMN products meet the FDA criteria for reasonable certainty of no harm. According to Section 201(s) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the panelists ultimately conclude that BONTAC's NMN standardized formulation, when used as described in the GRAS dossier, is GRAS based on scientific procedures. NMN raw materials that have obtained this "GRAS" certification can be said to be recognized as safe NMN for human consumption by the evaluation system of the United States, a major supplement country.



With the passing of SELF GRAS certification, BONTAC will take this opportunity to continue to increase investment in R&D and improve product quality to provide more high-quality and safe functional raw material products for global customers, boosting the development of human health.

BONTAC profile

BONTAC is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production, and sales of raw materials for coenzymes, natural products, sugar substitutes, cosmetics, dietary supplements and medical intermediates, with 12+ years of industry experience, self-owned factories, 170+ invention patents as well as strong R&D team. As a pioneer of NAD+ precursor (NMN) industry, BONTAC is the first to launch NMN mass production worldwide, with the leading whole-enzyme catalysis technology. Patent-grade raw materials with high quality are available at BONTAC. In terms of product purity, stability and safety, BONTAC is the preferred option. 

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