Bontac in Boao Health Food Science Conference & Expo(FHE)

Bontac in Boao Health Food Science Conference & Expo(FHE)

Bontac in Boao Health Food Science Conference & Expo(FHE)

From 22 to 25 February 2023, the Boao Health Food Science Conference and Expo was successfully held at the permanent venue of the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan, China. This international conference build an international platform for exchange and cooperation among government, academia, industry, and industry, academia and research, which aims to promote the development of the health food industry through the exchange of scientific information at home and abroad.

Bontac performace in FHE

The conference gathered several prominent scientists including 10 academicians, over 200 experts and scholars, and invited many popular food enterprises likely Nestle, Pepsi from the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.
More importantly, exhibition featured a number of high-tech companies that focus on high-tech development of the production of nutritious and healthy food products. As one of the high-tech companies attending the exhibition, Bontac, which has obtained over 160 international patents and is committed to the design of new biosynthetic pathways to explore and mass-produce natural products for food ingredients, was invited to attend the conference and companies vital stake holders to deliver academic views on the technological innovation and healthy development of the food industry.

Bontac FHE News
Figure 1: Xinhua Officical Record for Bontac in FHE 

Bontac Products in FHE Expo

Bontac main products starring NMN, rare ginsenosides, NAD, NADH and NADPH were all present at booth C34 in FHE Expo. And that booth C34 attracted lots of exhibitors to consult who communicated with each other upon appearance owing to the obvious striking advantages likely Bontac manufacture technology of whole coenzyme, sustainable supply chain, complete quality system and environment-protection and energy-saving preparation.
What’s more, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chairman of FHE, Chen Junshi also visited Bontac booth and highly commend on the Bontac performance and demonstration.

Bontac in FHE
Figure 2: Chen Visited Bontac Booth in FHE 

Bontac recognizes the importance of the upstream of raw material side in biotechnology as the key to product innovation. On the other hand, with the increasingly demand for high-quality food, synthetic biotechnology stands on the point of the potential to provide consumers with greener and healthier food ingredients. Therefore, as far as Bontac is concerned, developing and shaping innovative technology ownership supports to effectively solving the problem of insufficient plant and animal extracts, reducing the environmental burden, and contributing to carbon neutrality and human sustainable development.
At present, Bontac has already launched industrialized stevioside and rare ginsenoside which can be utilized in the field of health food. In future, Bontac will set up more product lines for more raw materials with higher purity and better quality as health food ingredients.

Bontac honor time in FHE

It was great honor for Bontac to win innovative product enterprise award, which identified Bontac long-term commitment to the exploration and innovation of synthetic biology and health technology products. Furthermore, it also reflects the R&D capability and innovation ability of Bontac in the field of synthetic biology, which will surely inspire Bontac to invest more actively in R&D and innovation.

Figure 3: Bontac Award in FHE 

Dr. Qi Zhang, Founder and Chief Scientist of Bontac, delivered a speech entitled Efficient Green Biosynthesis of Ginsenosides, NMN and other Natural Products at the Innovative Technology and Innovative Manufacturing forum, explaining the green safety, wide applicability and innovative value of synthetic biotechnology from the theoretical source.

Zhang in FHE
Figure 4: Dr. Zhang in FHE

Dr. Zhang demonstrated that Bontac holds up on the technology of biosynthesis of coenzyme preparation for natural products such as ginsenosides, especially rare ginsenosides Rh2 and Rg3. The advantages focuses on breaking through the limitations of raw materials, facilitating industrial scale-up, shorting reaction cycle, milder conditions, green environment and energy saving, but maintains the point of sustainable development.

On the 23rd, a roundtable discussion on the "Technology and Investment in the Food Industry". Shu Shangke, Chairman of Bontac, attended the forum on the theme of Technology and Investment in the Food Industry and said that synthetic biotechnology is bringing about a revolution in the food and pharmaceutical fields, pushing these fields to iterate and upgrade. In the food industry, having strong R&D strength, leading technology and abundant patents are important factors for a company to have core competitiveness and investment value.

Shu in FHE
Figure 5: Shu in FHE


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