Good News! BONTAC has been selected as 2023 Deloitte China LSHC Rising Star

Good News! BONTAC has been selected as “2023 Deloitte China Life Sciences & Healthcare Rising Star”

1. Introduction

On January 9, 2024, the expert team of selection organizing committee from Deloitte visited BONTAC, and presented the trophy of “China Life Sciences & Healthcare Rising Star” to BONTAC on site. By virtue of its unique and innovative technology in the field of coenzymes, professional R&D team with rich experience, and excellent performance in the industry of biosynthesis, BONTAC has stood out from the crowd and won the award of "Deloitte China Life Sciences & Healthcare Rising Star".

2. 2023 Deloitte China Life Sciences & Healthcare Rising Star

Since the launch of “Deloitte China Life Sciences & Healthcare Rising Star” campaign by the end of June 2023, extensive attention has been attracted by the Chinese medicine and health industry. Following verification by site visit of the enterprises, 50 enterprises with prominent comprehensive strength are finally determined to be eligible, which are subjected to rigorous review of multiple dimensions such as financial asset valuation, founding team, technical innovation, market prospect, industrial rank, etc. The awarded enterprises in this selection campaign encompass the advanced enterprise in the niche areas of life sciences and healthcare, who comprehensively display their multiple innovation achievements in the field of life sciences and healthcare. 

The “Deloitte China Life Sciences & Healthcare Rising Star” selection campaign is a key subproject of Deloitt on the selection project of high-tech and fast-growing enterprises, aiming to recognize and award the outstanding enterprises who take the lead in their niche areas of life sciences and healthcare and have great growth potential.

3. The candidate enterprises must meet the the following criteria:

* Business headquartered within China Mainland, Hong Kong or Macao.
* Own leading technology and viable business models.
*  Have extensive growth potential with a leading position in their niche segments.

4. Current situation on Chinese medicine and health industry

The technical innovation and product quality in Chinese medicine and health industry have continuously improved, which is driven by healthcare reform policies, emerging technologies and capital markets. In China, independent innovation has penetrated into all tracks of the major health industry, which greatly promotes the research and development of domestically produced innovative medicines and medical technologies. Substantial promising innovative enterprises has emerged and gradually gained recognition in the global market, ranking among the first echelon of global technological innovation.

5. About BONTAC

BONTAC is the pioneer of NMN industry and the first manufacturer to launch NMN mass production, with the first whole-enzyme catalysis technology around the world. At present, BONTAC has become the leading enterprise in niche areas of coenzyme products. Notably, BONTAC is the NMN raw material supplier of famous David Sinclair team at the Harvard University, who uses the raw materials of BONTAC in a paper titled “Impairment of an Endothelial NAD+-H2S Signaling Network Is a Reversible Cause of Vascular Aging”. Our services and products have been highly recognized by global partners. Furthermore, BONTAC has the first national and the only provincial independent coenzyme engineering technology research center in Guangdong, China. The coenzyme products of BONTAC are widely used in fields such as nutritional health, biomedicine, medical beauty, daily chemicals and green agriculture.

BONTAC adheres to independent innovation, with more than 160 invention patents. In the future, BONTAC will adhere to the innovation-driven concept, continue to increase investment in research and development, dig into the field of synthetic biology, and commit to developing more high-quality raw material products. At the same time, BONTAC will actively expand the international market, and work with global partners to promote the prosperous development of synthetic biology industry. In this era full of challenges and opportunities, BONTAC is confident to make greater contributions to the cause of human health.

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