Bontac Makes it to KPMG's China Biotech Innovation Enterprises Top 50

Bontac makes it to KPMG's China Biotech Innovation Enterprises Top 50

On April 7th, 2023, KPMG China hosted the second Biotech Innovation 50 Enterprises award ceremony online, with CITIC Securities as a co-organizer. Bontac impressed the panel with its strong R&D capabilities and excellent performance in the synthetic biology sector, earning a spot on the "KPMG China 2023 Biotech Innovation Enterprises Top 50" list. 
The experts panel spent six months selecting the winners based on five core criteria: technology and product leadership, product pipeline richness and original research ratio, core management and R&D team background, capital market activity, and financial health.

Bontac shines with its solid strength

The "KPMG China 2023 Biotech Innovation Enterprises Top 50" award evaluated the enterprises from various aspects such as products, technology, team, finance, and funding. The selected enterprises are all high-quality enterprises with outstanding abilities in the biotech field, and being on the list is a great recognition.

Bontac Deputy (fourth from the left)

Bontac, as a leader in the synthetic biology industry, has always been at the forefront of R&D and production of coenzymes such as NMN, NADH and natural products such as ginsenoside Rh2, stevioside RD, etc. It has a strong comprehensive strength and a promising development potential that won the unanimous approval of the experts panel.
From a scientific and technological point of view, Bontac has overcome several technical challenges, obtained more than 160 international patents and over 10 honorary qualifications, and owns more than 600 proprietary enzyme libraries.
From the perspective of business scale, Bontac has three production bases that can achieve industrial production of hundreds of tons annually. Bontac also serves customers in more than 20 provinces in China and more than 60 countries.
With the accordance of
 team configuration , Bontac has assembled representatives from four sides: scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors, empowering the enterprise from multiple dimensions.
With the continuous upgrade of health consumption, the gradual release of new policy benefits related to medical regulation, and the rapid development of biopharmaceutical technology industry from a high-tech industry with great potential to a high-tech pillar industry.
Biotech enterprises with potential represented by Bontac will leverage policy advantages and ride on market opportunities to integrate diverse resources in the ecosystem, support the development of China's biotech innovation enterprises, and enable win-win cooperation for the entire ecosystem.

KPMG Biotech Innovation Enterprises Top 50

kpmg awarding ceremony

KPMG Awarding Ceremony 

KPMG China launched its first "Biotech Innovation Enterprises Top 50" award in 2021 and received widespread attention and support from the industry. KPMG invited distinguished representatives from research, industry, investment, and enterprise fields to share their insights on the hot topics and trends in biotech and explore the best practices for biotech innovation enterprises. The award also created a resource-matching platform for the selected biotech enterprises with potential, helping them seize the policy direction and capital market opportunities, increase their market visibility, and achieve organic growth from within and outside.

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