BONTAC in FHE 2024: Innovation of Raw Materials in Biosynthesis

BONTAC in FHE 2024: Innovation of Raw Materials in Biosynthesis


On Feb 25-29, 2024, BONTAC was invited to 2024 Boao Healthy Food Science Conference & Exposition (FHE 2024) and made a discussion with the industry elites on the innovation of science and technology as well as the trend towards industry development in the health food area.

Conference profile

There are 15 academicians, 300 report experts, and over 2000 delegates from around the world gathering around the conference. More than 40 professional forums are planned in FHE 2024, attracting the active participation of domestic and foreign industry leaders such as Danone, Nestle and Pepsi.

BONTAC star products in FHE 2024

By dirt of its innovative technology and strong R&D strength in the field of green biosynthesis, BONTAC stands out from the crowd. To date, there are over 170 global patents by BONTAC. BONTAC star products, including NMN, NADH and ginsenoside Rh2/Rg3, are present in FHE 2024, which are highly recognized by many brand owners. Many attendees are attracted to learn more and negotiate with BONTAC for further cooperation. Notably, Professor Chen Junshi from Chinese Academy of Engineering visited the booth of BONTAC, gave guidance to the team of BONTAC and highly praised the innovative achievements in the field of biosynthesis.


Facilitating the development of high-quality health food via innovation of science and technology

From the traditional healthcare with herbs to modern precision nutrition, health has always been the focus of people. With the progress of science and technology, the development of new functional nutrients has gradually relied on the support of technical innovation. In various niche areas of health, NMN has emerged as an essential force in health industry by leverage of its unique science base and broad application prospect. Mounting scientific research and clinical practice have attested the obvious efficacy of NMN in promoting the immunity, improving the cardiovascular health, and alleviating the fatigue.

NMN as a hot  research topic



FHE 2024 is the first domestic platform for the communication of scientific evidence on health beneficial food. In the future, BONTAC will continue to provide comprehensive solutions for anti-aging series products including coenzyme and natural extracts, and facilitate the development of high-quality food via innovation of science and technology.


BONTAC has been dedicated to the green biosynthesis for 12 years, with the intention of creating a better life for human beings. Up till now, there are 173 patents by BONTAC. As the pioneer of NMN industry, BONTAC is the first manufacturer to launch NMN mass production, with the first whole-enzyme catalysis technology around the world. At present, BONTAC has become the leading enterprise in niche areas of coenzyme products. Notably, BONTAC is the NMN raw material supplier of famous David Sinclair team at the Harvard University, who uses the raw materials of BONTAC in a paper titled “Impairment of an Endothelial NAD+-H2S Signaling Network Is a Reversible Cause of Vascular Aging”.

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