BONTAC Partners with NADclinic to Boost Global NAD+ Therapy

BONTAC Partners with NADclinic to Boost Global NAD+ Therapy

Both parties are committed to maximizing the unique power of essential and life-changing NAD+, a molecule that helps our cells produce energy.

BONTAC, the world’s leading manufacturer for the raw materials of coenzyme and natural products, sets up a strategic partnership with NADclinic, the foremost provider of NAD+ IV therapy and supplements worldwide, with the common goal of boosting the NAD+ therapy to create a healthier life for human beings.

The application market of NAD+ is expected to be promising, as this essential coenzyme can convert glucose into cellular energy in human body, with a wide range of pharmaceutical activities such as supporting a healthy ageing process, driving metabolic function, supporting DNA repair, reducing inflammation, and decreasing our susceptibility to disease and chronic illness. This collaboration aligns with the expanding importance of global NAD+ research.

The collaboration generates excellent synergy by combining BONTAC’s NAD+ raw materials in NAD-based product development with NADclinic’ access to various NAD+ therapy that support the promotion of metabolism-boosting NAD+ products vital for human health.

NADclinic, known for its forward-thinking approach and transformative therapies, is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. "At NADclinic, we are committed to pioneering advancements in NAD+ therapy and protocols to empower individuals to live healthier, more vibrant lives," said Iain De Havilland, the Founder and CEO in NADclinic. "Partnering with BONTAC aligns perfectly with our mission, allowing us to combine our expertise and resources to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients worldwide."

"We are thrilled to join forces with NADclinic, a company that shares our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of NAD+ therapy," said Professor Zhang Qi, the Chief Scientist and Founder in BONTAC. "Through this partnership, we aim to leverage our collective expertise to provide individuals around the world with access to the highest quality NAD+ products, supporting their journey towards improved health and vitality."

About NADclinic

NADclinic are global pioneers in NAD+ IV therapy and personalized Pharma grade IV protocols and vitamin injections, with over 40 international locations. Each NADclinic therapy is meticulously curated to assist in maximizing cellular and metabolic health, optimizing physical and mental performance, and increasing longevity. Professional therapeutic suggestions and protocols can be provided for different individuals before NAD therapy to ensure the safety and health of patients.

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BONTAC has been dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and sale of raw materials for coenzyme and natural products since 2012, with self-owned factories, over 170 global patents as well as strong R&D team. One-stop service for customized products is available in BONTAC. There are various types of NAD to be selected, encompassing NAD ER Grade (endoxin removal), NAD Grade I (IVD/dietary supplement/cosmetics raw powder), NAD Grade II (API/intermediates) and NAD Grade IV (if any higher requirement on the solubility), which can be provided in the form of lyophilized powder or crystalline powder. The purity of BONTAC NAD can reach above 98%. Under normal storage conditions, BONTAC NAD can be kept non-degradable for up to 6 months. High quality and stable supply of products can be better ensured here with the exclusive Bonpure seven-step purification technology and Bonzyme Whole-enzymatic method.

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